THE THREE RD has four tracks available for listening on his Soundcloud right now with all four of them dropping over the past four months, and each one goes harder than the last. THREE seems to already have developed a signature sound as all of the tracks are connected by a similar style, though instrumentally each is different enough to allow him to change his approach. 

On the most recently released track “BOTTOM OF THE TANK (Prod. by MIIIKXY)” THE THREE RD ponders what it takes to escape his current reality. While the ad-libs and faint echo underneath his vocals help put you in his world sonically, its really the infectious flow he employs so flawlessly that really makes this one a banger.



Twitter: @ProdByEjacobs

“Yung Costanza” is one of the two self-produced tracks off of NAVEISDEAD’s debut tape “Lost In Transmission” and he spits raw bars all the way through while consistently dishing out a mix good hooks and solid verses with interesting rhyme schemes.

 From Colorado, NAVEISDEAD steps into the role of a young Goerge Costanza on this song. “Yung Costanza” makes a bunch of clever references to the classic television sitcom Seinfeld (obviously) while also using various samples from the show to back him up. If you happen to be a fan of Seinfeld or just good hip hop in general chances are you would want to check this song out.



Twitter: @prodmindrupt

“WASTELAND” , an instrumental EP released by mindrupt earlier this year, could not be more appropriately titled. Just a simple listen through will put you in the realm of a post-apocalyptic, 808 filled, wasteland. All three tracks on the EP are relatively short with the longest being around two and a half minutes (WORTHLESS HUMANS) but may be the point, and regardless of that they each easily pack much more feeling than what their total run time is.

“WORTHLESS HUMANS” starts off with some fast paced ticking before diving face first into some spacious keys. This particular track has a lot of ups and downs in the production, showcasing his creative arrangement skills. Mindrupt has spent time developing his unique sound and it shows throughout his catalog.


Tyrell Golden

Twitter: @TyrellxGolden

Tyrell Golden is a very versatile artist from Tampa, Florida. Almost no two songs of his have the same sound as it seems he takes a different approach and is constantly pushing his creative boundaries. Tyrell Golden also has a range of different inspirations including the likes of Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, and Robb Bank$, which can be heard in his heavily influenced rock and grunge sound.

One of my favorite songs of Golden’s is “Southern Comfort pt.ll ( Prod. soulfulmusiktracks )” where he spits with a fast and aggressive flow on the verse only to switch to a hypnotic, stacked vocal melody on the hook which is then followed by some piercing ad libs to add some nice contrast. If you dig this record you will definitely want to dive deeper into his catalog as Tyrell continues down this path he is making for himself.



Twitter: @ARTBLESS808

ERICK VEINS instrumentals reminds me of horror films the majority of the time I'm listening to them. Theres always some spooky sound, some buildup, and then something unexpected, and its beautifully used each time. Take one listen to the instrumental “Genocide” off of his 2016 EP “DARK OXYGEN” and you will realize exactly what I mean as he creates a dark, creepy, atmosphere that you would think could be used to soundtrack a Stephen King movie.

For something more traditionally hip-hop listen to the first track off the same EP “Whispers”, it has more than enough space for an MC to hop on it, but it stays fresh with with the inventive use of patterns and arrangement.