5.Mourn - Corbin


This album brought in the end of the summer so perfectly. It sounded like running away into the north woods, and never returning. Which I can relate with, almost to much. Shout out Corbin for remaining rare and doing what he wants with his career. Fav song “All Out”


4.Saturation - Brockhampton


I didn’t want to listen to this album when I was told to, but my friend Dende forced me to sit down and showed me every single they had on YouTube. And it was the coolest thing I’d seen/heard since old Odd Future. This album will forever remind me of summer 2017. Fav song “Heat”


3.In Tongues - Joji


Joji, Aka Pink Guy, Aka Papa Franku, has never done any wrong in my eyes. I don’t know what it is that draws me to everything he does, but I love it. This album is the perfect mix of depressed self loathing confession and beautiful instrumentation. Fav song “Bitter Fuck”



2.Come Over When You’re Sober - Lil Peep


Lil Peep changed the way I view music, and I hope his music helps generations to come. I got this album the day it dropped, I was in Vegas, Vegas is weird, and Peep made it a little better, lol. Fav song “U Said”


1.The Ooz - King Krule


This album is the craziest thing I’ve heard all year, it’s an emotional roller coaster and it almost never gave me what I wanted on my first listen, it always one upped my expectation. Fav song “Dum Surfer”



6.Deadstar - Smokepurpp

7.Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe - The Cool Kids 

8.Pink Season - Pink Guy

9.Lil Pump - Lil Pump

10.United States of Horror - Ho99o9