Features Overview

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Indicuh - Oxytocin


Starting off, we’ve got something a little different for you, our first instrumental project for this series by way of SLC artist Indiicuh. Oxytocin has a consistent array of sounds that helps it flow together well, with drums and keys at the forefront of the majority of its tracks. While mostly a chill affair, my personal favorite of the EP “Only Smoke” offers a harder hitting approach. Part of me can’t help but wonder what artist would sound perfect over these songs, but they also stand on their own as pure instrumentals. Those who enjoyed what they heard here can explore the expanded catalogue of music available on Indiicuh’s SoundCloud.




Next up, we’ve got new music from our first returning artist for the series. We featured Shiro and his EP ‘The Force’ on Vol 1. of Sink Or Swim and now he’s back for more. ‘Anime Bullock’ Is a brief, smooth listen that finds the artist taking a more melodic approach, only hinted at in previous work. “Starry Night” with rapper OneTakeDave is my personal highlight, as it is the best example on this release of everything the artist has to offer, due to the balance of wordplay and singing.




Lastly, we’ve got a new single from Minnesota rapper NER-D. The song is full of fun, reference-filled lines, as well as an overall theme of not conforming to modern rap trends. More mic skills, less NyQuil, as he puts it. This artist is less concerned with the imagery and subject matter found in popular songs today, and has decided to just do what he does best, which is rap. As far as structure goes, “Gunshot Sounds” has a bounce and energy that is only amplified by public performance, so if you ever have the chance to see NER-D live, I highly recommend you do so.