-By John Barnes


Pzo the Gen - “Myself”

This song would probably best be described as the soundtrack to following your dreams. Anyone with larger goals in mind has at one point had to contemplate if all the work they’re putting in will be worth it in the end. Making enough money to throw around, as well as improve the lives of those closest to him are some of the motivating factors Pzo lists on his latest single. He also puts an emphasis of the importance of having a strong support system. The people around Pzo have stuck with him since the beginning, and he knows they’re gonna have his back no matter what. As far as the song structure itself, it’s a pretty melodic track, and while the chorus is a little rough around the edges, I feel that the artist’s singing ability will only evolve and improve as time goes on. I look forward to hearing more from Pzo in the future.


Jayso Creative & Troy Left - 4 & A Quarter

Having been previously aware of these MC’s individually, learning there was a joint project in the works had me genuinely excited. If you’re not familiar, these two are just some of the latest talent coming out of the Midwest, showing up on many radars after numerous appearances on the Minneapolis open mic series Shut Up & Rap. Both formidable rappers in their own right, Jayso & Troy’s combined efforts on this EP make for an enjoyable listen. Never leaning too hard on one sound, ‘4 & Quarter’ has a good balance of mellow tracks (“Give It Back...” “A Quarter”) and uptempo joints, such as my personal highlight “Platinum Cities”, in which the two fantasize about decorating the city lavishly with money they earn from rapping. Those who enjoyed what the heard on this project can check out Troy’s latest solo drop Nathan (which the outro of this EP is borrowed from) and Jayso’s newest tape What’s The Hold Up?.

La Fur - Lil Goat & Friends

This short, collaborative EP from Miami rapper La Fur offers a couple different energies across its 6 tracks, a little something for everyone. Things start off smooth with the intro “Party”, a tale of seeing a good looking girl in a crowded room, but wondering if she’s really “the one”. The following song “Lost Verse” kicks things up a notch, with La Fur and guest Big Tony exchanging rapid fire deliveries, definitely one of my favorites from the project. Things get serious towards the end with track 5 “Fuck The Police”, themes of judgement and disrespect from authority figures, as well a a general distrust in the system can be found throughout. Overall, I appreciate the diversity on Lil Goat & Friends, and certainly look forward to whichever style this artist embraces for future releases.