BY -  @johnny_barnes


Milo Velour - "Milo And Friends Vol. 1"

This appropriately titled project is a feature-filled endeavor, with contributions from Smokepurpp, UnoTheActivist and more. Songs like the intro “Ricky” and “Word Around Town” showcase straight rapping, where as “Leanin Slow” and my personal favorite “Keep It Going” offer more melodic sounds. So while ‘Milo And Friends’ isn’t the best opportunity to get an idea of the artists’ true style, the variety in production and guest stars keeps things fresh across the 19 track release. 


Beamon - “Killer Butterfly” 

Midwest artist Dylan Beamon reflects on lost love in this recent drop, thinking back on the good times they once shared. In a search for something genuine, he asks that she not try to reconnect just because she sees him doing well. “Please don’t change your mind up when I get a million...” Even for a sadder song, the instrumental provided a bounce that kept me coming back. This song is definitely recommended if you find the subject matter relatable, or if you happen to be in the mood for emotional rap content.


Yung Mojo - "Bag Music Vol. 2"

Off top, I’ll admit that while I don’t go out of my way to listen to trap music, I didn’t entirely dislike this release. If you’re in search of that style, maybe something a little under the radar, then this project may be for you. The good chunk of DP Beats production, as well as the other instrumentals help it run together, and give the project the trademark feel that is so essential to the sub-genre. As far as highlights, I found myself returning to track 9 “Slide” most often.