YBN Nahmir, The New Tay-K 47?

October 07, 2017  /  YUNG LAZARUS


YBN Nahmir is a hot, new, up and comer from Birmingham, Alabama who has been blowing up with his debut music video “Rubbin Off The Paint.” In said music video he is seen with his friends flashing money, expensive clothing, and weapons which made me think he was trying to bite Tay-K 47’s signature style of self snitching in his songs, when in all reality he has been building his own brand for years.

Using Chicago style drill beats since day one, Nahmir has built a small following but his fame didn’t come to true daylight until his recent songs “Rubbing Off The Paint” and “I Got A Stick” dropped on Worldstar Hip-Hop as exclusives. Seeing Nahmir for the first time I thought to myself, “well here’s just another young rapper who is trying to seem hard in his songs and videos to get views” but as you dive deeper into his music you can tell that he’s been saying this stuff before it was a popular thing to do.

All in all I do personally believe that he’s been stealing the shine from Tay-K 47 due to Tay’s recent incarceration. He saw the opportunity for a come up and he took it, so to answer the question that I posed to myself, yes, YBN Nahmir will soon be looked at as the new Tay-K mainly because of the use of Tay-K’s methods implemented in his music. Although I can’t vouch for his authenticity as a trapper I can honestly say he’s worth a listen, so if you’re looking for some solid drill music go give Nahmir a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Find more of YBN Nahmir on soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/nahmir205 and twitter at  https://twitter.com/nahmir205

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