RIP LIL PEEP 11.01.1996 - 11.15.2017



This morning (11/16/17) I woke up to a twitter message, one that broke my heart. It asked "did peep really die?? Damn..." And for a moment time stopped, my stomach twisted, face filled with blood and my eyes with water. 


Instantly I went to scour the internet in search of answers, but I found the truth as soon as I typed "Lil" in the search bar. 


Lil Peep, born Gustav Ahr, passed away this Wednesday night. Now I don't want to talk about any speculations on the cause of his death, or add to any drama and disrespect currently circling the internet in his name. But instead keep it brief, and speak on how he has affected the lives of my peers and I.


I first heard Peep summer of 2016, my good friend Leaf sent me the songs "Suck My Blood" & "Lil Jeep" it was love at first listen. I knew I had never heard anything like this and it made me feel. Just straight up feel something. I must have played Crybaby on repeat for a year with my friends, and really just ALL THE TIME. (Maybe I still do Lol)


With each release being just as classic as the prior, Peep was and is still destined to be a great in music, culture, fashion and everything else he has aspired to take part in. He influenced an entire generation thru his depressing, hopeless and outright honest connection with his listeners. Peep was truly the "sad and lonely hellboy/goth angel sinner" we all loved him for. It pains to use words in past tense, and with that being said I do not have much more to say. Let's allow him to live on thru all of his lanes, respect the privacy of his friends and family and stop pretending we know the facts because we follow "gothboiclique."


Rest in paradise and fly high Peep.



Your fans