Born in Germany, down to earth and full of passion, Jade is definitely a gem and it shows in her new single. “Private Cinema”, a lustful tune she wrote in only two hours. An invitation to make a private movie, Jade croons to a lover. Inspired by a range of artists from Michael Jackson to Two Door Cinema Club, Jade explains her passion for R’n’B started from a young age. Taking into consideration the vast range of artists she listens to, she credits them all as inspiration for her current sound.

“In some way, every single song I listen to has contributed in some way to the music I make now”.


She wasn’t always into R’n’B however. She actually started her music career as a rapper.

“I really had bars something serious!”, she explained.


She started songwriting at 10 years old and stopped during high school to pursue other forms of art. After that, she got back into music but was doubting herself.


“I really just doubted myself as being the actual creator before”


She got out of it by reassuring herself she was nothing short of a bad ass.

“I was like fuck it, I can do this!”


As for anyone starting out, she has a bit of advice. Having started taking music seriously just last year at 20 years old, she explains what she wishes someone would have told her when she started.


“Make sure it’s your passion and be ready to work hard, Music is like 90% marketing, 10% music. And don’t go crazy if when you feel you’re not getting the recognition you deserve. It’ll come eventually”, she encourages.


Outside of music, Jade is still an artist, channeling her energy into design and sewing.

“It’s so sad I’ve been hand sewing since I was 15 and just now learned how to use a sewing machine!” she laughs.


In line for a show in Halloween, she talks touring, stage fright and crowds. Despite being shy, she animatedly talks about loving the spotlight and the crowd.


“I just can’t wait to tour huge crowds that know my lyrics word for word and will literally just party with me”


Her personal view on the underground is that it’s too much about image nowadays.

 “People aren’t really focused on content anymore. It’s just a popularity contest.”

“People aren’t really focused on content anymore. It’s just a popularity contest.”

WIth a smooth sound, sweet-like-honey vocals and a genuine personality to match, Jade Da Gem is showing us she definitely knows how to make waves.

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