Ocean Meets Bando


By : Dovvey


20 year old Nova Scotia native and Frank Ocean fanatic Vlado, aka Bando chats with us on the Halifax scene, his future and emotional durag music.

Being heavy into the rap scene in Canada, it was kind of a shock to hear that he was from here, much less from Halifax. He describes the scene as being the same everywhere, some good and some bad. Definitely part of the good, he backs his city up adding that although it’s small, there are big things happening.

He also shares with us that he does not consider himself the best in Halifax, shouting out his boys from fromthecold.



With goals of putting Halifax on the map as a rap hub, he explain he is extremely confident in his music career. Doing all of it himself, he boasts about his next hit comparing it to his mesmerizing, booty-poppin’ ‘no love’. Seeing music as his be all end all, he toys with the idea of blowing up in two years. To top off his musings on his future, he evokes the inspirational work of Chief Keef and his “anybody can do it” attitude and how that got him into rapping. 


Describing his sound as emotional durag music, Bando mixes his love for melancholic R’n’B with the energetic, in your face elements of trap music.His process is a bit simpler than most, he just lets the music speak for itself. Music in general, for him, feels like more of an obligation than a choice.


“I feel like I have to do it”. Vlado confesses.

With extensive musical knowledge and a flair for combining toughness of trap with the melancholy of R’n’B, Bando shows us a few tears are definitely worth it.


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