BY - Ms_Riley_Guprz

If you wanted a review of Overwatch or Civilization 6, then hit the google and you’ll find millions. That being said, let me tell you about the ones you may have never heard of it or played much, with a heavy emphasis on free games.

To start it out, .io games. Think flash game, but MMORPG. They all vary in theme and style, but usually all have the smooth feel and graphics of a single player game. Because there are so many, a follow-up list may be needed, but for now here’s my list of the top 5 best .io games.



5. Stabby http://stabby.io/

Ok I’m going to admit right off the bat that I’m using these images from their respective subreddits because I’m too lazy to get my own screenshots. The basic premise of this game is to stab people. But, the vast majority of the identical characters on-screen are bots. Stabbing someone involves a very obvious slash that all your neighbors can see, which leads to some great chases. If you’re good, you can blend back into the crowd leaving the bloody corpse as your only mark. This is extremely fun if you’re into mafia-style games and surprise attacking new players. However, being the newest game on the list, it’s still undergoing development and significant server load. Lag can be an issue and you’re often left just waiting around for something interesting to happen. Gameplay is otherwise flat and single-minded.


4. Slither http://slither.io/

I’m not sure if you would call these worms or snakes, maybe some sort of Fallout-version hybrid. Eat the glowing food to grow bigger and try to kill enemies by making them run into you. When necessary, you can boost and increase your speed to try and outpace them, at the cost of food. A few different tactics show up, included the dreaded circling that’s pictured, to keep things interesting. When a larger snake(?) dies, there’s always a feeding frenzy that’ll be sure to get your blood pumping. However, lag is still an issue, and because of the fast-paced rhythm of this one, it can be severely rage-inducing. Still, it’s fun and fast, and definitely worth checking out.


3. Splix http://splix.io/

The classic land-grab game; it’s become the flagship game of all “splix-like games.” Increase your territory by enclosing land and returning. But, the longer your path, the higher probability that someone will hit it and kill you. Choose your risk for proportionate reward. Lots of intense border skirmishers and spontaneous teamwork. It usually helps to build near the edge so you have less borders to protect, but simply grabbing other’s territory is just as fun as building your own. This is about as good as it gets for the genre. However, lag is a slight issue but often not game-ending. Like slither, this allows you to change your graphics quality, except this time it actually helps. There are some bugs that still occur but none that are game-breaking. This is a game you could spend hours playing, although most typical lives last around 1-30 minutes.


2. Generals http://generals.io/

Unlike all other games on this list, this is not an indefinite game. This is also turn-based, although 3 turns per second still make the game fast-paced. You start with just your capital in a sea of darkness. Each second generates an army in your capital or any captured city, and every 25 seconds generates 1 army in all your territories. The goal is simple: capture the enemy capitals. However, the screenshot is of a replay that reveals the whole map (yeah, it has replays too), but in-game you can only see squares adjacent to your own. There is 1v1, 2v2, and 8-player FFA modes for different styles of gameplay. As an online strategy game, this reigns supreme in terms of variety of tactics, surprises, and strategies. Brutal border fights usually destroy both players when a stronger opponent with a massive army comes rolling through. And at last, there’s no lag!

I really can not heap enough praise on this game. If you enjoy strategy, play it


1. Diepio http://diep.io/

This game is crack.

Typical tank-shooter game, but with a huge number of classes and upgrades to make unique styles of gameplay. On top of that, there are currently 7 game modes from FFA to 4-Team Deathmatch, as well as a sandbox to try out tanks without fear of dying. Whether you like the agario style of just ramming people, secret long range kills, or just being crushingly oppressive with a storm of bullets or drones, there’s something here for everyone. Team play allows for viable support tanks like trappers while some opt for PvP enemy-killers. Honestly, this game deserves its own review, so I’ll keep it short here. The only complaints from players is lack of development and game-balancing, which is normally debates for professional and structured games, rather than an indie flash game. Despite this, there is a massive active player-base to fill the servers and maintain variability. Right now there are 47 unique tanks and most have multiple suggested upgrades. You’re level capped so you cannot get all the upgrades or max out many of them. This comes to together for a well-balanced and addictive game. You’ll keep coming back wanting to try just one more playthrough.

Honorable Mentions:




This is pretty much the granddaddy of .io games and deserves a mention. As a predecessor to diepio, it’s effectively a simplified version. It’s a classic big-fish-eats-the-little-fish style of play, with not much variability. It still attracts a dedicated userbase and can be fun.




I only recently discovered this game while searching through the repository of .io games. As a cooperative game, you’re a cannon on a ship that tries to sink other ships with the help of your crewmates. Steering is done by moving your weight across the ship. It’s very simple and has a lot of promise with later developments.


* Evades https://evades.io/


This would have made the list, but it’s been down for maintenance since April 2017. Still, it’s one of the best. There are 50 levels that you must pass, with each increasing in difficulty. Obstacles are usually moving and can get very fast. However, dying doesn’t reset your game. Instead, your teammates (whoever else is playing) has a set amount of time to come tag you back into the game. Reaching higher levels allows you to upgrade to new classes that help your teammates in a variety of ways. It’s really a shame that this hasn’t been restored and we all hope it makes a comeback.


That’s the list. I’ll be posting weekly reviews of games or classes of games, of which this is a trial article. I have a long list of games I’d like to get to, but certainly open to suggestions find me and contact me on twitter at @ms_riley_guprz for any inquiries