Soundcloud’s Underground Alt-Rock Scene





A lot of buzz has been starting to come about due to the recent rise in the underground emo scene with new talents such as Shinigami, Familypet, Lil Lotus & many more very talented artists. Now let’s break down what these fellas are all about. Starting about a little over a year ago with his debut track “Afterlife” featuring YungJZAisdead, Lil Lotus was born. Him out of anyone has been rising like the cream to the top of the Soundcloud barrel.

Working with popular names such as 93Feetofsmoke, Nothing Nowhere & Nedarb Nagrom, Lotus has made a name for himself in the alternative rock community on this platform. Too many eyes are on Lil Peep at the moment and I wish we were able to change it because there are so many better artists doing similar stuff on the site.

    For example we have artists like Fats’e, Shinigami, WickedFool, & Familypet doing such amazing work with hardly any eyes on them, or at least not enough to satisfy my want for them to be bigger than they are. I really do suggest everyone to go check these artists out as they have been and still are putting in an insane amount of work to make people feel exactly what they’re trying to convey in their songs. I do believe that Soundcloud is the future of alternative rock and if we continue in the direction we’re going then I know that all of these amazing artists will get the recognition they deserve.