Soundcloud is known for having many artists who mix metal with trap music but there has been one group dominating the genre for a long time. Pioneered by Kamiyada and The Virus & Antidote “The Midnight Society” has gained quite the following. With artists like Original God, Yung Bambi all the way to BLVC SVND, MNS has been gaining attention from Pigeons and Planes and various other blogs which intern has given them a global fanbase. This rag tag group of artists has been dominating soundcloud for quite awhile only to recently come full force with new music including EP’s from Yung Bambi, Kamiyada and upcoming projects from a few other members. All I really have to say about The Midnight Society is to keep an eye out for them because they really are on the come up, so you’d better catch the wave before it’s too late.


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