Music, specifically hip hop, is at an interesting crossroad. We seem to be in a scene where people are more concerned with clout, than quality. It boasts questions like “how do people really like this?” And statements such as “this is not real music.” 


I got into music from the moment I was born, my mom would play artists such as Tribe Called Quest, Nirvana, Miles Davis and everything in between. Finding new music was a lifestyle to me. I remember sifting through CD’s at Cheapo & Electric Fetus from a very young age. The most life changing album I have ever purchased is hands down, Black On Both Sides by Mos Def. To this day that is a favorite of mine. You know what other album I’ve heard recently that has impacted me very similar? Lil Pump by Lil Pump. 


To me music is about feeling. The way a stringed instrument can glide the most beautiful note, leaving me with goosebumps. Or the way a distorted 808 can kick me in the face. I believe people are so caught up in what they believe music should be, that they can’t see past the fact it is all art in its own form. If it does something to make someone feel it is art. Whether you use music to cry, laugh, dance, it’s all still music. You can like Basquiat and not care for Van Gogh. Just as you can enjoy Young Thug and not care for Nas. Theirs a sort of arbitrary rule that you must know the history if you’re a young artist and or consumer. Yet I believe it’s not a child’s fault for not knowing the history, it’s the adults, the teachers. So many old heads want to say their teachers of hip hop, yet are so fast to judge the kids for what they likes. 


Pink guy said it best in his song Rice Balls “I didn’t even know real or fake music existed, if you don’t think this is real music, that’s your problem.” 


I hope one day we can all listen to music in harmony, remember you don’t have to enjoy what you truly don’t. But you also don’t have to hate on it for not understanding. 


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