Brand - Better Concentrates 

Dispensary - The Green Room in Boulder, Colorado

Strain - Bubba Kush


Packaging - A screw top jar in a foil bag, fairly standard and easy to access with the added bonus of reusability.


Aesthetics - Removing the lid of the container reveals a nice golden glob of wax. Looking closer, a honeycomb texture of air pockets pockmark the surface. Upon scooping a small piece to sample, the consistency of the wax is nice and airy, and it appears properly stored at the correct humidity as it isn't overly dry.


Smell - I generally prefer the smell of wax to shatter, and this time is no different. Inhalation begins with a light floral note and a deeper inspection reveals that instantly recognizable Kush smell. Not all concentrates smell similar to their flower counterparts but this one delivers the right stuff.


Taste - I dabbed .05 into a clean quartz banger on a single perc 12” water pipe at a medium temperature, no carb cap because I cleared the whole rip. Very smooth inhale with an equally smooth exhale. The taste is classic Kush, in the muted style of hydrocarbon extracts, but with more flavor than shatter of the same strain. Unlike the shitty trim blast I usually dab, I didn't cough at all from this. I got high.


4.5/5 Dabs is my rating.


for more information on the lab that makes the dabs and the dispensary that sells them, follow the links below;


ENDOCANNA//BETTER CONCENTRATES - https://www.endocanna.com/


THE GREEN ROOM - http://bouldergreenroom.com/index.php