I stumbled across Bryan about 6 month ago on YouTube when I was watching skate vlogs. I have to say, Bryan is a kickass filmer, a good skater, and an overall negative Nancy that will steal your heart with his sarcasm and awesome clips. With uploads that are reminiscent of the B roll footage that shape the videos we enjoy, it's not hard to recognize Bryan's channel as a gem in the rough.

Before we actually got into the questions in the profile, we had talked via FaceTime for three and a half hours, had about nine beers and got to know each other a lot better. He's a kindhearted dude who just loves skateboarding, plain and simple. This was a super fun interview. We hope to have him back in the future.

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Phil: Alright, man. What's your name, how old are you, and where do you live?
Bryan: My name is Bryan Scott Betz, I'm 31 years old and I've lived in Long Beach for almost 6 years. 
Phil: Where are you from and how big is it?
Bryan: Butler, Indiana. It's about 2,600 people.
Phil: Ah, a small town. When did you start skating and filming?
Bryan: I started actually getting into from skateboarding when I was 13 until about 18 when I broke my ankle. That's when I was filming my own part and thinking I was going to be pro. I didn't start to film other people until I was living in Indy when I was 21.
Phil: And when did filming become serious for you?
Bryan: I would say some time in 2016 or early 2017. I film all the Park Sharks for Hella Clips, and have for every one that's been released in 2017. (Check out a piece he did for Hella Clips here.)
Phil: That's rad! Who have you filmed the most this year?
Bryan: I'd say Tanner Lawler, and then Dakota Servold and Justin Damer.
Phil: What are some of the biggest names you've ever filmed?
Bryan: Brad Cromer, Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Cole Wilson, and John Hill.
Phil: What are you filming right now?
Bryan: A few of us are working on a solo project called Push One Out. Lawler has a full part, so does Damer and Aaron Kim. Those are all about half done right now. Bro Styles is also making a video, and Leo said if I was getting any clips of myself that it would be cool to throw them in the video. I haven't filmed any yet, of course, because I'm lazy. But if it does happen I'll have clips in that video.
Phil: Let's talk a little bit your YouTube. What's your biggest struggle as a creator?
Bryan: I always start vlogging, and then an hour in I forget that I'm supposed to be vlogging. And then the day is over, and I'm like, "Ah, fuck! I didn’t record anything." Tomorrow I'm going to go skate, and I guarantee I'll vlog the first 20 minutes and then I'll forget.
Phil: I have the same issue.
Bryan: I [also] get stuck filming other people all day long, so it's like, "Oh we're just going to skate, we're not going to film!" ...and then I still get stuck filming all day long. It's pretty fucked. Phil: It's the filmers curse/blessing. So, what's in that fancy camera bag of yours?
Bryan: A Lumex GH4 body, a Canon f/1.8 50mm, a f/2.418-200mm zoom lens, and an 8mm fisheye. And then I have a speed booster on my camera, which adapts my Canon lenses to fit my Panasonic body. It also makes my micro four thirds sensor a full frame sensor. And to hold the camera, I have the handle of all handles. It weighs like 20 pounds. It's super heavy, so your arm will go numb. It's called the Easy Handle 2; Jason Hernandez and his dad made them. It was a super limited run and I was fortunate enough to get one. I also have a 7 inch LCD screen that goes on top of my camera. I only use it when I use my long lens. And then I have the Rode Mic Pro. To me, audio is the most important thing.
Phil: A proper all-around setup. What do you have for future plans?
Bryan: Film the rest of Push One Out, maybe get some clips for Leo's video, and keep filming for my YouTube channel when I have the time. Phil: Any closing words to leave us with? Bryan: Don't do drugs, kids!
Phil: Oh yeah?
Bryan: And buy Emerica shoes and Bro Style grip tape.
Phil: Alright, Bryan. I guess we'll end it with that. Goodnight. *laughs*
Bryan: It's all about who you know. That'll be my closing statement: it's all about who you know. *laughs*

Huge thank you to Bryan for being a part of this. It's nice to see that every day skateboarders like us can kick it with professionals and still remain the same. Despite the emergence of the money culture in skateboarding, true passion still exists and thrives day-to-day. Be sure to check out everyone's channel to see what they are up to. This is not skateboarding you want to miss.



Bryan Betz:  Instagram: @bryanbetz YouTube: Bryan Betz

Tanner Lawler: IG: @Tannrrlawlrr YT: Tanner Lawler

Brad Cromer: IG: @bradcromer YT: Brad Cromer

Dakota Servold: IG: @dakotaservold

John Hill: IG: @johnhill YT: John Hill

Cole Wilson: IG: @colewilson__